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    Answered By: Matthew Valdez
    Last Updated: Oct 01, 2018     Views: 2

    Hello Kelsey,

    I can see why you're having a tricky time finding negatives about dance.

    The first place I'd suggest you search is the Opposing Viewpoints database.  You can find this by going to the library homepage and then clicking on the ARTICLE DATABASES icon/link.  Scroll down or click on 'O' to jump to that section and then click the link to access Opposing Viewpoints.   Run a search for your term (dance) and then look for the VIEWPOINTS section in the results page.  I see an article about the dangers of hypersexualized messages received by young girls who watch hip-hop dance videos, and an article about how Flash Mobs have evolved from dance parties to problems for police.

    Your other option is go search all the databases at once from the 'Search the Library' box on the library homepage.  Return to that first link and type 'Dance' into you the search box and hit return.  You should see a results page with over a hundred thousand results, but you can narrow it down now by adding additional terms.  For example, if you search with 'Dance' in the first box and 'harmful' in the second you would find this article about Dance Addiction: 

    You could continue trying different keyword combinations like 'Dance' AND 'sexualization' or you could also run a search from the 'Search the Library' box for DE "DANCE -- Law & legislation" to find articles about places where governments have made laws banning types of dance, and read those articles to hear the justification they used for making such laws.

    Good luck with your research and let us know if you need more assistance.